Thursday, May 9, 2013

Author Interview

Greetings oh my brothers, sisters, and only friends!

Recently I did an interview with Lucy Pireel for her Goodreads blogg. If you get a chance and if you're on Goodreads check out my interview with Lucy. She is totally awesome!

Also, I'd like to thanks her publicly for featuring me, and might I add her wonderful willingness to help out a fellow Indie author. Please do your part as well. Become involved, participate with your favorite or fellow Indie authors, Blog for them, Tweet for them, mention them as frequently as you can to friends, family and strangers. Remember that the big publishers have money to market their authors, we Indie authors rely on you our humble readers and friends to spread the word. In that way, we at least can try and make a living at what we love, and bring quality fiction to our fans.

Many regards,
~Lawrence BoarerPitchford

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