Monday, June 23, 2014

What the Hell?

Is science and science fiction colliding? In just the last ten years we as a race have gone from the concept of sending a spacecraft traveling via hyperspace in science fiction only, to theoretical but improbable hyperspace travel, to now believing that it's not only probably, but quite possibly practical (once a few exotic energy sources are ironed out). Quantum teleportation - once only in the domain of science fiction writers, now flourishing as a study in most universities. Printed organs, artificial blood, atmospheric to space and back again planes, high powered plasma ion motors, and lightweight space suits, all now realities.

What's it all point to? It points to the human race becoming a space faring race. We're on the cusp of taking the big leap and leaving this big blue marble for the harsh but intriguing vastness of space. What are the three obstacles that keep us from just taking the plunge? 1) we absolutely need to have some form of artificial gravity - and not some spinning centrifugal force hunk of crap. It must be small and apply to all cabin areas of the craft. 2) we absolutely need to use quantum entanglement to tell atoms to be whatever we want them to be - thus being able to make food with laser light. 3) and, we need to be able to travel vast distances quickly - much faster than the speed of light. These are not tall orders according to physicists today.

Companies like Reaction Engines Ltd., SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Planetary Resources, and the many companies today that are making 3D printers are all blazing a trail off-world. Yes, there are some things that also need to be accessible for us to be space faring - such as a computerized and fully automated medical center, entertainment, artificial and real sex options, virtual reality, robots, and a host of advanced weapons systems. But, having said this, I'm a bit disappointed that the fore mentioned business are not collaborating to make our expansion into-the-void a quicker and cheaper reality. So, this is me chiding those business minded fools to get the fu@$!#@ lead out! Just like I want my flying car, and my jet pack, and my virtual reality games - I want to see the human race take that step before I die. I want it to be a science fiction to science reality. I know that if these innovations, and our desire to explore were to come together, in the next thirty years I will see a average Joe like me, boarding a ground based aircraft using Reaction Engine's Saber engine/motors, flying up from a flight deck to outer space, turn on the plasma engine and propel us to a inter-stellar ship that will take us around the solar system - then engage the hyper drive and deliver us to some distant star system in a matter of months. All the while in the spacious ship we're eating anything that is programmed into the quantum replicator, and walking around because we have artificial gravity. Hurry up you jerks! I'm growing older, and I don't see you getting us going!

So, where does that leave us? It tells me that life really does imitate art - in that all of the things that I've mentioned have been inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars, and a host of science fiction novels. After all, most of our scientists are and were avid readers and watchers of such works. Thank God for the artists. Thank evolution for the scientists! Now, if you're a scientist - get your azz back to work! And, if you're an artist, author, sculptor, etc. get your azz back to work too and start dreaming up more crazy science fiction for our scientists to be inspired by!

~Lawrence BoarerPitchford
Author of -
The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer
Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels
In the World of Hyboria
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