Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hi all,

I've been super busy working on several books. Takes a lot of time to write a book.

So, in our relationship, I've not been as attentive as I should - I know, and I apologize. Unfortunately, this is the way I am. Once I'm locked into a writing fit - I'm lost there until I burn out and come back to reality... or what I consider reality. :O)

What have I been working on? Harrow's Gate! This is a work of science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, and romance. Ya, I said romance! It is my first try at adding into the plot a romance that would complement the action/adventure stuff. It was no easy work - considering I'm the guy who wrote In the World of Hyboria - barbarian action and adventure with fierce brutality, war, revenge, torture, good v. evil, and the bonds of brotherhood.. the brotherhood at arms that is. I hope Robert E. Howard is not spinning in his grave! :O) )

Back to Harrow's Gate -

Take a look at the excerpt and see if it doesn't give you a immersive sense and pull you to want to read the story.

Harrow's Gate excerpt from Chapter 2:

Ella’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean I can’t go out?”

Her brother took a step away from her… it looked as if she might attack. “Father says you have to stay in the hotel until they return with the escort,” he said. “Then you can go out... with the escort.”

She leveled her imposing gaze at him.

“They’re not returning until one in the morning tomorrow! How am I supposed to go out then?”

“Not my problem,” Geris said. “Anyway, you’re safer here inside the hotel. Why don’t you invite Crystal or Genya to come up?” He hedged his way toward the open door. “You know, play some quambi or paint each other’s toenails or something…”

She grabbed a vase and hurled it at his head. It missed by an inch and smashed against the wall splashing water and flowers everywhere.

“You’re a man and you can go anywhere you want!” she screamed. “I can handle myself anywhere and in any situation,” she yelled after him, as he ran through the door and down the hallway to the lift.

Ella stomped into the hall and saw him frantically pushing the signal-button for the lift-box. The corners of her mouth twisted up, as her anger ebbed. She huffed, turned on her heels and went back in, slamming the door behind her.
“By all the elements, I’ll have a night out,” Ella swore.

~Lawrence BoarerPitchford

Saucy gal, eh? She's nobody's fool - to say the least. She's a strong woman who knows what she wants when she sees it. The men are no slouches either.

Harrow's Gate excerpt from Chapter 3:

The girls walked a little faster, but two men stepped out from a dark alley just ahead. Both wore battered and frayed bowler hats, ill-fitting dark coats, and threadbare trousers. One of them held a wooden axe handle, and the other produced a long shiny knife.

“Where you think you’re going, my little dearies?” the man with the knife asked. He smiled and showed he lacked both front teeth as well as manners.

“Them’s off to the ball, me thinks,” the ruffian with the axe handle said, as he slapped the hardwood into his palm.

From across the street two men came. They were different, dressed in clean and expensive black trousers, black boots, long black split-tail coats, and black toppers.

“Is this the young Ms. Garland?” one of them said while tipping his hat. “I am enchanted at making your acquaintance, to be sure.”

The other man also tipped his hat and bowed slightly. “Truly a woman of much beauty,” he said. “Please to let me introduce myself. I am Heinz Foltz, the adviser to the Burkmuran government here in Hurgray. I have been asked to seek you out and invite you to visit the Ambassador. Also, the invitation is extended to your lovely friends as well.” He nodded to Genya and Crystal.

“What is this about?” Crystal demanded.

“All will be explained once we are at the embassy,” Heinz said.

“And if we refuse to go,” Ella challenged.

“Then we will take you by force, which is why we employed these fine gentlemen.” He motioned with his hand to the goons surrounding the girls.

Ella moved quickly and kicked Heinz in the leg. The man fell to the side, and Ella shouted, “This way!”

The three girls ran toward a dark alley across the street. The hired goons were on their heels every step of the way. Ella dashed down the road between the high brick buildings only to find it blocked at the end with a wall and a wooden door. She turned and produced a small dagger. Swinging it from side to side, she nearly cut one of the ruffians.

“Now, me lovely, you don’t want to go and do that do you?” said the lead tough.

“I’ll gut the first of you that tries to lay a hand on us!” Ella shouted.

The two Burkmuran men arrived. Heinz pushed his way forward. The green moon was full, and in the dim light of the alley he shook his head.

“You’re a pistol, my little sweet-pie,” he said.

“No, actually I have a pistol, and I’ll kill each of you if you don’t step aside,” Leland said loudly from behind.

“What’s this?” Heinz turned around. “Who in the Height’s Hell are you?”

“None of your business! Now step aside or you’ll be the first to fall,” Leland assured him.

“Ella, Crystal, Genya, come this way,” Tommy said, his saber in his hand and ready for action.

Ella moved forward waving her dagger from side to side to make sure the men stayed out of the way. Once through, the girls ran out to the street.

“Come on,” Ella shouted back, “let’s get out of here!”
Leland and Tommy backed out to the street. “We can’t have you following us, so…” Leland fired his pistol. The loud pop echoed in the alley, followed by a puff of steam as the peroxide weapon discharged.  

~Lawrence BoarerPitchford

See what I mean  - fun - action - and a bit of saucy romance... well,  you'll need to see for yourself.

Harrow's Gate is only 99 Cents on Amazon and Smashwords - there is also a paperback copy if you're crave the feel of paper between your hands - but it is a little more expensive.

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