Sunday, October 21, 2012

Messages From Henry

Book Review:

Messages from Henry is a charming story that has an unlikely central character. This short novella starts out in a small and rural country house. The main character discovers that a close friend has gone missing. The mystery is afoot as the sheriff is involved and a chase ensues.

I found my emotional heart strings being imperceptibly strummed as I read chapter after chapter. I became invested in the protagonist and the message bearer Henry. With each turn of the page I found that I didn't want anything to happen to Henry - that intrepid hero of the story.

When the story finally played out, I was relieved to see that the author did not take a dark turn. I found the uplifting feeling under my wings that carried me to the last words of the story refreshing. There I felt that I'd finished a visit with a dear friend, and sipped tea, and listened to a harrowing tale of mystery and adventure.

The author Rebecca Scarberry delivers a heartwarming and charming tale that is easy to read and fun. In the end I think you'll probably wish to read a little more about Henry and his love - that is if the author revises the characters in another story.

Regards, and until next time - Lawrence BoarerPitchford

Lawrence is the author of such works as Thadius; the tale of a retired Roman General on the trail of a serial killer: Sawbones; the story of a Civil War surgeon who must foil a plot to kidnap the one man who could change the terms of Southern surrender: The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer; Epic fantasy story about a lost relic, and the mad man seeking to enslave the world: In the World of Hyboria; Fan fiction that takes three fresh characters, Robert E. Howard's world of Conan, and mixes thing up with adventure and action: Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels; the story of a Welsh nobleman, an Irish pirate, and a French rogue priest and how they drink, brawl, and stumble their way toward saving a Queen.

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