Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party Spell

The Warlock's vale

Charms like melting ice
Creep beneath the wicked sky
Darkness boils clouds of black
Will someone not right this night die?

Potions brew blue and red
The fire in hearth now churning
I weave my spell so pure
It will leave those touched turning

It starts with tingling in limb and foot
Unsettled fingers upon skin so white
Twitching and giggling will stir within
Laughter will bathe dark night

In bed thou shall find sleep nigh
The tickling unstopped all about
Wicked spectral fingers play
Till wind from lungs are emptied out

Now away you go to sleep in bed
Sheets white, pillows waft
But, when you feel the urge to laugh
This spell you'll find carried by spirits daft

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