Sunday, January 13, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing -

Pardon dear friends and humble readers for my coopting of the Shakespeare title extraordinaire, but today I am at a loss for serious subject matter, yet feel chatty. So, this is going to be a collage of sorts. I'm starting out talking about my feelings, and closing with some masculine poetry.

Feelings: I am in the midst of several writing projects that are moving at a snail’s pace. I'm working on a Steampunk science fiction novel, cleaning up and editing the sequel to Mad Cows, writing the next (and most likely last) In the World of Hyboria story, and toying with a novella that will be my fan fiction to H.P. Lovecraft. So, in short I'm feeling rather busy at present. But, that is a copout isn't it. The feeling is scared - yes, I feel scared that I might not finish any of them and slip into obscurity. Although, I am pretty obscure as it is - and thus it might not be much of a change.

If you haven't visited my web site, take a moment to trip on over to - it's like LSD, but different. You'll find information about me, my works, where to purchase them, see some examples/samples, and so on. You can also drop me a line if you like in the contact section.

Okay, as promised. Here is a sample of a poem that I did many years ago, and is part of a collection of poetry that I've amassed over the years, but is not published as of yet. If you like it let me know.

Longnor Hall

There upon lacquered table
Sits a smoking pipe of maple

A fire throwing yellow hues
Behind the chair that is my muse

Once within the thought
Brandy in snifter brought

I stare blankly away
Considering events of the day

And with shaken hand, raised as such
I linger with life in a deathly clutch

Cold winds blow outside my door
Like lofty days of lore

Whose only job it is so bold
To come in and share the cold

Laughing saints of years since lost
Dance like fairies in the frost

Outside my window closed this night
To protect this fragile firelight

Then the brandy, drained from glass
And smoking pipe held with class

Do present the smoky spirits look
With fractured moments from a book.

Copyright 1996 Lawrence BoarerPitchford

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